Welcome to Caliga, a forsaken and decaying world. Caliga is an old world, civilized and advanced through years of history. The wilderness has long been tamed. The barbaric races are gone and now exist only in myth and legend. Many claim that the humanoid races of good won the battles of old, battles long lost beyond history and time. But the truth is much more insidious. Caliga is a haunted and rotting world plagued by malignant boils of evil. The uncivilized races could not survive the onslaught of horrors that plague the world. They were consumed and slain into extinction, and now the same evil tears at the walls of civilization and bubbles up from within. The forces of good struggle for survival but are slowly losing their strength. A hopelessness holds the populace, the only beacon of light are the heroes who are willing to rise up and stem off the darkness.

Caligia is a dark world that heavily leverages settings for classic Gothic horror, as well as other horror elements from other cultures. It is very polarized to the theme of Good vs. Evil. It has been slightly tweaked to provide this flavor and temperament, but in many ways maintains a classic 5th Edition DnD game. Some of the main differences are:

  • An emphasis on cities as opposed to wilderness and rural adventurers
  • Opposition is largely other civilized humanoids. Cults and the like.
  • Opposition that is not humanoid mostly falls into the camp of demonic, undead, supernatural, or crazed fey.
  • A single unified monotheistic Church. Deities are Arch Angels and forms factions within the Church (this maintains the ability of character to customize)


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